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Victoria Smith represents a love for art, and a passion to empower all women in their own beauty. Victoria has sought to merge all these loves, and her dream has evolved into her career as a makeup artist. She is primarily interested in helping women discover their best; loving what they see, while helping them explore their best features!


As an artist, makeup has become something she uses to accentuate natural beauty and transform a look to create something beautiful - from a subtle or dramatic look. It is of utmost importance to Victoria    that her work reflects the specific desires of whomever she is assisting. 


Victoria began her passion of makeup artistry in sunny Southern California - branching all the way up to Seattle, Washington,   then onto  the north florida region!  She started as a product model for MAC Cosmetics events & classes,  working with some of the top makeup artists in Orange County, Calif.  From there, Victoria took on a career with MAC Cosmetics; enduring all training and required certifications to help benefit her career as an artist. Her experience has involved print and editorial work as well as theater and television experience. 


All high end products are used on each client - from MAC Cosmetics, NARS, Makeup Forever, Anastasia Beverly Hills and other High Definition Professional (HD) makeup.  


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