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Why do I need a high end professional makeup artist, vs. a low end artist, free artist, or do it yourself?

Well, it's simple. Like with anything - you get what you pay for! 

If you answer YES to any of these questions, you probably should consider a professional.

  • Are you unsure of what colors to use & how to properly apply make-up for not only your big day, but photography? 

  • Do you want your make-up to last all day (especially in this Florida heat & humidity!)?

  • Do you feel you would be too nervous and overwhelmed the morning of your wedding to do your own make-up (patience and all!)?

  • Have you spent a good amount on everything from shoes, dress, reception, jewerly, etc? Why not do the same for your face!?

  • Do you want to be pampered on your one special day?

  • Do you want your bridal party to feel the excitement of having a professional artist do their make-up also?


I love your style! When and how should I book my event day services?

Most clients book as soon as they have their set date! I suggest, anywhere from 6-12 months out. The more of an advanced notice, the better - that way we can figure out availbility!  

To book - a non-refundable $100 deposit and signed e-contract is required. This saves your date and begins the prepping process of your beauty look(s).

To book, please send me an inquiry below!

As you are a MAC Cosmetics Artist, What other products/brands do you provide?

Yes, being employed with MAC Cosmetics over the last few years has allowed me to be completely familiar with all MAC products and techniques the "MAC Way", however - I do also utilize a variety of many other high end cosmetic companies & skillset from others! A few of my favorites in my professional kit include, but are not limited to: Bobbi Brown, NARS, Laura Mercier, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Smashbox, Tarte, Bare Minerals, Lancome, Clinique, Becca, & Makeup Forever. 

Please keep in mind - I do not sell makeup products - however I would be more than happy to share some of my favorites and where you can purchase them!

Why should you be hired as my professional make up artist for my big day?

Easy! With over 10 years in the makeup industry, I firmly believe I could bring not only the finest of atristry skills - but complete glamour based on your specific expectations to make your big day, the absolute best it can be! There is nothing more satisfying than watching a bride step in front of the mirror, and tear up because she sees just how beautiful she is not only on the inside - but on the outside as well! 

How long will the makeup last? AND How long does it take to apply?

Only the finest quality products and brushes are used on your application. This will ensure the longevity, quality, and comfort of your full face application designed to last throughout your entire wedding day. 

Part of being a professional, isn't just slapping on makeup - it's also to ensure your skin is properly prepped for foundation and/or airbrush foundation. The way your skin takes onto your makeup is really key to the longevity!

May I do a pre-wedding trial and/or consultation before I commit?

Absolutely! I want you 100% sure of your decision! Please keep in mind I cannot reserve a date without a deposit and signed contract. 

A complimentary consultation  may be done via phone or in person once your deposit and signed contract has been received.

I typically ask clients to send over an e-mail of their desired looks they want to achieve - whether it's past photos of your own makeup, or utilizing Instagram & Pinterest, the more photos I can see of your desired look, the better! That way we both have a clear understanding to ensure your day is perfect! Plus sometimes, we can grab a little from each photo and put it all together for one big creation! :)

We will also discuss the details of your wedding including dresses, hair, flowers, theme, bridal party, etc. We will then evaulate our options to find out what make-up you are wanting for yourself, and your bridal party.

A full face makeup application consultation - starts at $100. This is treated as an actual appointment since a full makeup application is performed.

Are there any preparations needed for getting my makeup services on my big day?

Work Station: Please have a designated area where we can work with adequate lighting. I provide a full service studio chair & work station supplies.

Your Outfit: It is best to wear a buttoned down shirt or anything you don't have to pull over your head. 

Hair: I promise - your stylist will LOVE you if you don't wash your hair the day of! Remember - clean hair does not cooperate! Use some dy shampoo and wait a couple days if posstble! 

Face: Should be cleansed with a daily skincare system. Please state any allergies pertaining to any make-up products before your service. Facial tratment is not recommended less than 7 days before the event. 

Arrival: As your artist is expected to arrive on time, please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your appointment.

Do you do contouring and highlighting? And How?

Yes Yes Yes! My number one request for 2015-2016 is contouring and highlighting! Along with brows of course.

Contouring is simply giving a shape to an area of your face and enhancing the facial structure through the use of makeup. It is not supposed to be extrememly noticeable (unless you prefer it that way of course! There are no rules in makeup!) However - contouring is supposed to be a noticeable, sublte definition! It's all about the artistry involved - and the illusion you see! I use creams & powders to acheive a well balanced contoured look, along with the most prestine of brushes.


Highlighting - It's simple! A highlight is an area or a spot in a drawing, painting, or photograph that is strongly illuminated! Boom! Such as certain points of your facial features. With highlighting, I prefer using certain concealers, creams, and powders that give that final glow!

Do you travel to me on my wedding day?

Absolutely! All services include a full travel to your location for onsite artistry (price varies on location) 

I service the Panama City, full County Hwy 30A - South Walton County, Destin area. Always willing to travel!

Please inquire for travel fees outside of the set service area.

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