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Airbrush vs. traditional makeup

I have quite a few of clients asking me what the difference is between airbrush makeup applications, and traditional makeup applications? I have created this page specifically to shed light on this subject and break down the differences between the two. 

Personally, both airbrush and traditional makeup have their pros and cons like with anything! When you are dealing with a professional makeup artist, both should be able to withstand the test of time on your big day. I have done many brides with traditional techniques - but have also done many with airbrush, especially in this hot Florida heat! It boils down to preference - and what works best for you and your skin type.

traditional makeup

When makeup artists use the term "traditional makep" they are referring to the application and use of foundation applied with tools you'd use at home. So whether it is liquid, cream, or powder - it can be used with anything from a sponge to professional brush. 

So, as you would suspect - the application of traditional makeup would be more of a thicker consistency. Depending on the artist, it usually takes a tad longer to apply and really blend out on the skin. Because there are more and more cosmetic companies developing traditional foundation, there is an array of products that may be used spanning from light to full coverage, oil-free, dermatologist recommended, etc. 


Airbrush makeup utilizes a small makeup air compressor, a high end airbrush gun, and professional airbrush foundation. This foundation is either water based or silicone based and thinner than regular liquid foundation as it needs to flow through the airbrush gun. The airbrushing sprays a very fine mist on the skin pushed through with gentle, cool air pressure from the compressor. This allows an even and consistent application of foundation with sits smoothly on the skin. 

Because of the fine misted spray, airbrush makeup provides a flawless coverage, evening out your skin's imperfections while still allowing your skin to breathe! (Yes! It's really that light weight!) The final result gives you a very natural, yet very finished and polished look - also looks fantastic in photos!

As an Esthetician - I can easily take my knowledge, skill, and training to best determine what works for you. In the hot Florida heat, I absolutely recommend Airbrush for any client looking for that flawless look.  Contact me today so we can both decide what works best for you. 

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